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"But can I take ya,
Take ya higher?"

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"Be my lover, my lady river
But can I take ya, take ya higher?" (at United Flight 1127  Houston To Seattle)


Favorite photo on Tumblr since I first saw it this past spring :)

Possibly a future tattoo?


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Fuck Yeah Foster the People - katribou: Call It What You Want - Foster the… on We Heart It. http://weheartit.com/entry/35288386/via/3tnamiR

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"If a guy is interested, he will show he is interested. This doesn’t always mean flashing signs and obvious motions, but in his own way, he will show he is interested, if not then he might as well not be interested."


i’ve had friends that i really don’t like talking to anymore and it’s not like i hate them or anything i just don’t feel the whole friendship thing anymore so i sort of just disappear from their life but i’ve also been walked out on and i also miss certain people that aren’t in my life anymore and it’s just really weird to think that i’ve been on both sides of the road 

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